Curriculum Vitae


University Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics
Chemistry Department and
Molecular Biophysics Program
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Connecticut 06459
(860) 685-2575 (ofc) (860) 685-2211 (fax)

Birth date and Place: Jan 29, 1938; Coshocton Ohio USA

Education and Experience:

College of Wooster, Ohio, Major Field: Chemistry; B.A. 1959 1960-1962

Monsanto Research Corporation, Miamisburg, OH: Lab Chemist 1960-1962

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Ph.D. 1965 Physical Chemistry;
Mentor: Professor H. H. Jaffe

Centre de Mecanique Ondulatoire Appliqué, Paris, France.
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow. 1966. Mentor: Dr. O. Chalvet, Project: “Quantum Chemistry of Molecular Solvation”

Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh PA.
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow 1966-1968 .Mentor: Professor J. A. Pople, Project: “Approximate Molecular Orbital Theory”

City University of New York, Hunter College, New York NY
Assistant Professor (1968-70);
Associate Professor (1970-74);
Thomas Hunter Professor of Chemistry (1974-86)

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
University Professor of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Professor of Chemistry and Co-Director, Molecular Biophysics Training Program
Dean of the Division, Natural Sciences and Mathematics (1992-1999)

Classes Taught (Wesleyan):

Biological Molecules, Advanced Physical Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics, Macromolecular Modeling and Simulation, Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences, Biological Physics, Molecular Biophysics Journal Club; General Education Courses in The Scientific Method, Scientific Ethics, Science and Modernism, Science and Art.

Research Interests:

Theoretical Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics, Structural Bioinformatics, Sequence Dependent structure and Motions Of DNA, Protein DNA and RNA Interactions.

Current Support or Funding:

NIH Area Grant, Molecular Dynamics Simulations of U1A-RNA Complexes NSF Instrumentation Grant, Acquisition of Cluster Computing Facilities for Research And Education at Wesleyan University (With Prof F. Starr) to acquire a 244 processor PC cluster, $225,000. Wesleyan Fund for Academic Innovation. “Development of a General Education Course on Science and Art” Wesleyan Fund for Academic Innovation. “Development of a Scientific Computing and Informatics Center” (With Profs F. Starr and M. Weir, Dr. G Ravishanker and MS. J West)

Invited Symposia Papers and/or Invited Lectures (last Five Years):

2002-03: Memorial Symposium for Peter A. Kollman at UCSF Sanibel Symposium on Quantum Biology DNA in Chromatin in Arcachon, France. 2003-04: Northwestern University Chemistry Department, International Symposium of ISQB, Snowbird, UT American Chemical Society in New Orleans LA (March), DNA Bending Symposium Workshop on DNA Modeling and Simulation, Lausanne, Switzerland. Workshop in Molecular Simulation and Modeling , St. Augustine FL.

2004-05: International Meeting on Quantum Biology at Lake Como.

2005-06: Invited Seminar Presentation at the IBPC in ParisThe Annual Retreat of the Molecular Biophysics Program, WesleyanACS Symposium in Memory of Sir John A. Pople, San Diego CAABC MD on DNA Workshop, University Of Minnesota.ISQB symposium held in honor of Dr. Gilda Loew, The College of Staten Island Workshop Validating Modeling and Experimental Methods to Enable Drug Discovery., NIST 06-07
Georgia Institute of Technology of Technology Biology Department University of Michigan, Structural Biology and Bioinformatics ProgramInternational Society of Quantum Biology , Strasbourg, France. CECAM workshop on Molecular Dynamics of Nucleic Acids, Lyons, France.

Books and Edited Volumes:

Pople, J.A. and Beveridge, D.L. Approximate Molecular Orbital Theory, McGraw Hill, New York (1970).

Beveridge, D. L. and Jorgensen, W. L. (eds.),Computer Simulations and Biomolecular Systems. Ann. New York Academy of Sciences, New York, Vol. 484 (1986).

Lavery, R. and Beveridge, D.L. (eds.) Theoretical Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Volume I.  DNA. Adenine Press, New York (1991)

Lavery, R. and Beveridge, D.L. (eds.) Theoretical Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Volume II.  Proteins. Adenine Press, New York (1991)

Memberships:American Chemical Society, Biophysical Society, International Society for Quantum Biology

Editorial Boards (Past and Present):

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Biophysical Journal, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, Biopolymers, Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics.

Other Professional Activities:

Organizer of a CECAM Workshop on Molecular Simulations of Nucleic Acids in Lyons, France, October ’06.

Wesleyan University Duties:

Co-Director (with Prof I. Mukerji) NIGMS Molecular Biophysics Training Program; Steering Committee, HHMI Grant for Undergraduate Education in the Life Sciences, Advisory Committee, Graduate Liberal Studies Program; Organizing Committee, Scientific Computing and Informatics CenterDivisional Computing Committee (Dept representative)Advisory Committee, Green Street Arts Center, Creative Campus Committee

Former Undergraduate Research Students:

M.A. Young
L.E. Ptasek (BAMA)
D. Blakaj (BAMA)
D.Q. Andrews
L. Vickers (BAMA)
C. Aitkin
P. Hanoian
S.Kong (BAMA)

Former Graduate Research Students:

P.S. Subrmanian Ph D
F.M. Dicapua Ph D
J. Srinivasan Ph D
J. Withka Ph D
S. Pitchumani
S. Louise-May Ph D
D.R. Langley Ph D
W.E. Harte Ph D
M.A. Young Ph D
K.J. McConnell Ph D
Y. Liu Ph D
K.M. Thayer

Former Postdoctoral Fellows (Wesleyan):

G. Ravishanker
S. Swaminathan
B. Jayaram
D. Sprous
R. Nirmala
A. Gelbin
S. Vishveswara
S. B. Dixit
B.E. Kormos