Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Activities:

Awards and Honors:

NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, CMOA Paris: 1965-66.

NIH Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA: 1966-68.

NIGMS Research Career Development Award:1972-1977 (Hunter College -CUNY)

NIH BBCA Study Section: 1978-1982

NIH NIGMS MERIT (Method to Extend Research in Time) Award: 1988-1998 (Wesleyan University)

NIH BBCA Study Section: 1996-2000

Distinguished Alumni Award, College of Wooster, 2001

Named Fellow, Biophysical Society, 2003

Academic Honors: 

Thomas Hunter Professor, Hunter College

Joshua Boger University Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics, Wesleyan University

Extramural Funding (1986 to present):

Research funding, totaling over $3,500,000

Program development and instrumentation, totaling over $ 2,500,000

Major Funded Projects


National Institutes of Health GM 37909, Molecular DYnamics Simulations of DNA Oligonucleotides

NSF Research Grant: Dynamics of Protien-RNA Complex Formation, Co-investigator with Prof. Anne M. Baranger, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

National TeraGrid Computer Resource, Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Biological Molecules and Complexes. Biannual Allocation of 10,000 Service Units.

Shared Instrumentation:

NSF Facilities Grant,  Development of a Shared Research Instrumentation Center (with faculty colleagues in Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biology)

NSF Instrumentation Grants (x2) Acquisition of Cluster Computing Facilities for Research and Education at Wesleyan University (with Profs. Francis Starr, Physics, and Kathryn Johnston, Astronomy)

Program Development:

NIGMS Training Grant: Doctoral Studies in Molecular Biophysics, 1988-present

NSF Course and Curriculum Development Program, Development of a Science Writing Program